Artistic Statement

I believe in the power of inspiration that theatre gives to and takes from us.

I believe that with collaborative power of our hearts and minds working with other hearts and minds, art can change the world. The power of storytelling that the theatre offers to the world is to be accessible and touch the hearts of all who are willing to open theirs to it.


I believe that as an actor, it is my duty to always keep my mind open to the world, and take in the beauties and the blemishes of the world to understand the stories and characters that I will take on. I am to fully commit myself to being open to opposition and thrive on it to understand, to live in the moment.


I believe that actors do what is considered impossible, and that the magic of theatre should never go unnoticed. Actors doing the impossible, however, requires us to treat our bodies, minds and souls with this in consideration. With full devotion to our craft, we will spend countless hours in preparation in order to touch the hearts, minds, and souls  of others and inspire the world, one performance at a time.